When Jamie Turned Ten

My beautiful boy,

Today you are 10. TEN! How is that even possible? It seems only moments ago that you were a tiny baby.

I looked at you this morning, as you got up and came into bed for a cuddle before you went downstairs to open your presents – your face when you opened your Batman Lego and your tickets to the concert at the Albert Hall was everything that I hoped it would be – and my overwhelming feeling was one of utter pride. Because oh my goodness, what a wonderful human being you have turned out to be.

There is so much about you which surprises me. Primarily because you demonstrate so many attributes which I have never quite managed myself. Attributes that you should be incredibly proud of.

You have a wicked sense of humour. You love nothing more than coming up with a series of increasingly risqué one liners at any one of the large number of politicians and public figures that you disapprove of. Your knowledge and understanding of our wider society is outstanding. You take a level of interest in what is going on in the world that I know I probably still don’t manage, even now. You love to push boundaries, testing out the newest and most interesting swear word that you’ve acquired, and love it even more when I fail completely to be the responsible grown up and collapse laughing.

You are the big brother that I always wanted. You love your sister like I don’t believe you love anyone else in the world. You are always there for her, no matter what. Of course you wind each other up. That’s what siblings do. But when she’s really need you – you are there. Like last night, when you heard her in my bathroom being sick. With an almost parental instinct, you woke up, ran straight to her and told her you would look after. You make my heart hurt with the care and protection that you show her.

You are incredibly popular. You have a wide and varied circle of friends and you are at ease in almost all social situations. Disappointingly, you seem to have not an iota of your mother’s crashing determination to live your life out in the spotlight. Your face when forced to stand up at school in front of an audience and perform is wonderful. You leave every single member of that audience in no doubt whatsoever that you would rather be anywhere other than where you are right then, and I love that you don’t even bother trying to hide your emotions.

Above all, my boy, you are kind. So kind. You care, and you love, and you worry, with a wisdom beyond your years. Whether it’s a homeless man with his kitten on the streets, or the victims of the terror attacks that you see on the news. You want to help every last one of them. You want to change the world. And do you know what? I honestly believe that you will.

I love you with every fibre of my soul. My wonderful, loving, gregarious son. I am so proud that you are mine.

Love you for ever,
Mum xxxxxxxxxx

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