Absolutely Fine

Piglet let himself into Pooh’s house to find his friend lying on the floor under his kitchen table with a blanket over his head.

“Um… Pooh? What are you doing?”

“Hiding,” muttered Pooh.

“Hiding from what?”

“Everything,” said Pooh with a heavy sigh. “Listen, I know we were meant to be going out with Rabbit and Tigger for a few drinks tonight, but I just don’t think I can face leaving the house today. You go without me. I’ll be Absolutely Fine.”

Piglet stood for a moment, looking at the blanketed mound of his friend underneath the table. Then, carefully, he took off his shoes, lowered himself down onto the floor, crawled underneath the table and put his head underneath the blanket next to a surprised looking Pooh.

“What are you doing?” asked Pooh.

“I’m just being here,” said Piglet. “With you.”

“But I’m Absolutely Fine,” said Pooh. “You go out and have fun. I’ll be Absolutely Fine.”

“No,” said Piglet. “All things considered, I don’t think that I will go out. I think that, actually, I’m going to stay right here with you, under the table, with our heads underneath a blanket. Because what I have learnt, over my many years, is that the people who say that they’re Absolutely Fine… actually are quite often the people who need a good friend with them most of all.”

Pooh gulped, and found that he couldn’t actually speak, but he nodded his head so vigorously that he nearly dislodged the blanket from atop them, and Piglet understood completely.

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