Eating Out

Does anyone else sometimes feel like there was a whole memo on adulting that went round at some point which entirely passed them by?

I mean, I am An Actual Proper Grown Up. I have two children. I have a husband. I have a house, and a job, and a car, and Real Life Responsibilities.

And yet I wake up pretty much every morning convinced that someone is going to see through the façade and call me on it. “Responsible adult?! You?! HA!” And, they would be right. Continue reading

This Morning We Took A Taxi

This morning we took a taxi.

I am not going to lie. This morning did not get off to the most auspicious of starts. Mr IKINTST and I were treated to the most incredible meal last night at the restaurant our friend runs in London. ( if you want to experience some of the most incredible food I have ever eaten, all served in the most beautiful, laid back surroundings.)

Both the food and the wine (and the champagne, and the cocktails…) flowed generously. So generously that, as I finally staggered into bed at 1am, it occurred to me that the 8am wake-up call to get Beth to her early morning football match was going to be extremely difficult indeed.

(NB, to anyone who has ever wondered if standing in the freezing cold watching your small child play football is a good hangover cure, I can tell you that: no, this is most definitely not the case.)

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